As you know, the government have given approval for the England Netball #riseagain plan which allows competitive Social Netball Leagues to resume once again but with some modified rule changes from 25th September 2020. If you are unsure what these changes are then click the link to watch a video. You really should familiarise yourself with the changes.

Click here to watch the modified rules video

Apart from the modified rule changes we also have some major adjustments and processes to put in place in order to be able to deliver social netball leagues safely to minimise risk, all in in line with government guidelines. Not only that, we have the added complexities of finding venues that are comfortable with, and able to hire their facilities during these unusual and unprecedented times.

Unfortunately, some schools are not hiring out at the moment and many leisure centres are using their main sports halls to increase their socially distanced capacities of their gyms and classes.

Thankfully and at last… we now have our list of venues/leagues that teams will be available to register for. As you will see the available venues are very limited in comparison to what we normally offer. Our aim is to try and offer the opportunity for all divisions to play at least once a week! Note we are still trying to procure more venues, please bear with us.



We are no longer permitted to share bibs, which means that ALL TEAMS must provide their own bibs, 1 set minimum but 2 sets would better to avoid any potential colour clashes. Netball Fun League are selling sets of bibs (not reversible) at £15 per set. (They are not new, but in very good condition, clean and are half price!) If you would like to purchase our bibs, then please fill in this form by clicking on the link below.

Click here to fill in our Bib Request Form

Opt In
In line with England Netball Phase 4b & Government Guidelines, all players will need to agree to an “Opt In”. This process will be used by all netball organisations and is designed to ensure that the risks of netball and COVID-19 are understood by individuals and ensures they have the choice with regard to netball activity. More information on this will be released in the next couple of days.

Players Procedures
In line with England Netball Phase 4b & Government Guidelines. These procedures are in addition to Netball Fun League Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct. We will also release these in the next couple of days.

How Long is the New Season?
We are initially offering shortened leagues of either 7 or 10 weeks, and no finals nights. This is to enable everyone to ease themselves back in gently. There will be a reduced registration fee of £1.50 per person to reflect this.

What about Ladies +1 Man Leagues?
If you are a team with 1 man, then please register for the league/day that you would prefer, and we will do our utmost best to make that happen.

How do I register my team?
We are finalising this process and how it will work, we will let you know asap.

When will Registrations Open?
Registrations will be open as soon as we can. Keep a look out on our social media accounts and email. We’re still working on some of the processes and requirements that we need to deliver, and we will let everyone know what these are in the next few days along with our amended terms and conditions.

Closing Date for Registrations
We will again give a final date very soon, and all players must be registered to that team by this date.

Do player ratings still apply?
Yes, they most definitely do, and team make up is important too!  TEAMS MUST NOT HAVE MORE THAN 2 PLAYERS RATED HIGHER THAN THE DIVISION THEY ARE REGISTERING FOR. For Example:  If a team is registering for division 4, then they must have no more than 2 players rated 3 or above in their team.

Click here to read all about Player Ratings

" We know that you will all have lots of questions, but we hope that they will all be covered once we release the amended Terms & Conditions and confirm the Registration process in the next few days... and thank you once again for bearing with us "

— Bridget & Nick

Netball Fun League