Important Information

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As of Monday 19th July – Modified Rules are no longer in place

For more detail read our news feature on this click here

Prior to 19th July 2021, Netball Fun League matches were adhering to the “Modified Rules” for Matches. Also check out the video below where Umpire, Gary Burgess outlines these new rules.

In line with current Government / England Netball Guidelines you should NOT attend a match if you are showing any of the Covid-19 Symptoms – Click Here

  • Arrive around 10 minutes earlier than your match time.
  • Sanitise your hands (own sanitiser)
  • Scan the Venue Track n Trace QR Code (these will be in court area) using your phone app
  • Make sure the person in charge of Team Bibs has these ready
  • Find the Team Organiser (or a player) from your opposing Team find out what colour bibs each team should wear to avoid colour clash PLUS decide which team has the first centre (toss of coin/rock paper scissors) inform an Umpire
  • Each team should pay an Umpire £8 fee cash

Nails & Gloves | Jewellery | Fitbits/Wearables

  • It is the responsibility of ALL PLAYERS to make sure that nails are “MATCH READY” before taking to the court. Your fingernails should ideally be around 1mm long, and not visible over your fingertips. Umpires check the nails of all players before the game, and if yours are too long, you won’t be permitted to play until they are ‘MATCH READY”. There are NO NAIL KITS in the Netball Fun League Kit bag – you must supply your own if needed.
  • Gloves are allowed, players have responsibility to sanitise them at breaks (own anti bacterial/anti viral spray)
  • All Jewellery must be removed (except wedding ring which must be taped up – player must provide own tape) Piercings must also be removed for your own safety
  • Players are allowed to wear fitbits/wearables as long as covered by suitable sweat band (players have responsibility to sanitise them at breaks, own anti bacterial/anti viral spray)
  • Match Duration is 3x 12 minutes with maximum of 1 minute per break
  • At each break we still encourage players to sanitise their hands
  • At each break – A Player(s) from Team(s) should make 1 person available to Sanitise the Ball using the courtside anti bacterial/anti viral spray provided
  • 3 cheers for your opposing team
  • Thank the Umpires
  • A Team Member should offer to sanitise the ball using the courtside anti bacterial/anti viral spray provided, return the ball the Centre Circle and spray to sideline
  • Sanitise your hands
  • Ensure you take home your own bibs
  • Make sure you have paid Umpire £8 fee cash

Please use these channels:
1) Explore your “Members Area” on our website click here to view
2) The Contact Us page on our website click here to view


  • You must follow the advice of NHS Test & Trace
  • You may have to provide details of where you have been 48 hours before you developed symptoms or tested positive
  • If playing Netball is involved you may be required to provide NHS Test & Trace the contact details for Netball Fun League this is link to use
  • Contact Netball Fun League and let us know about your positive test by clicking here
  • No action is required from other members of your Team or opposing Team

NOTE: The risk mitigations and rule modifications currently in place have been designed so that netball activity should not fall within the NHS definition of “Close Contact”



  • NHS Test & Trace may contact Netball Fun League
  • Netball Fun League may need to provide contact details of other team members that were involved in a match
  • If NHS Test & Trace DO NOT contact Netball Fun League…. NO FURTHER ACTION IS REQUIRED

NOTE: Netball Fun League DO NOT make decisions as to who should self isolate – this is the role of NHS