New Guidance

This message was emailed to all registered Netball Fun League Players Friday 28 May 2021

We need to let you know about changes made to the England Netball/Government guidance on playing netball during the current pandemic restrictions and how “under the radar” new changes seem to have been made.

“Players are no longer permitted to play in more than 1 match on the same night”


Approximately 8 weeks ago, when we planned our Return2Court and Mini Leagues, the England Netball guidance was that a person could take part in no more than 60 minutes of close contact netball activity in one night. It was not specific to the number of matches but simply the length of time that you played or trained!

14 days ago, England Netball updated their guidance. No emails were sent out notifying anyone of this, they just made the change to their guidance and FAQ on their website. We discovered the change this week by accident. Click the link below:


Unfortunately this means that until restrictions are lifted (or the guidelines are updated/changed again) YOU are NOT permitted to play in more than 1 match on the same night.

We know that this is going to make things more difficult should you be missing a player(s) so we would like to ask everyone…

“To try and help out teams on the nights that you are NOT playing”


  • You CAN take the court with 5 players and play your match
  • You CAN use players who have played on different nights
  • You CAN ask players who are rated lower than your division to play

Use the Facebook Ringers Groups
Now more than ever our Ringers Groups are a great resource for everyone to find players so please, if you haven’t joined these… do so now and do check regularly and see if you can help teams out! We have matches on Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays – you can see them here on our website:

When posting for a Ringer, remember to state your Team Name | Venue | Date + Time | What Position + Player Rating required | Match fee required

Facebook Ringers Groups Links:

Division 5 & Back to Netball Ringers:

Division 4 Ringers:

Division 3 Ringers:

Division 1 + 2 Ringers:

Stroud + Stonehouse Ringers Link:

Tewkesbury/Winchcombe/Evesham Ringers Link:

Cirencester Ringers Link:

Please try and help your Netball Family out as much as you can. Enjoy your netball and let’s all hope that the current restrictions/rule modifications are lifted on outdoor Netball in the very near future.

Bridget & Nick