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Back to Netball with Netball Fun League
Back to Netball January 2018
Back to Netball January 2018 1024 410 Netball FUN League

BOOK YOUR SESSIONSNetball Fun League continue their commitment to getting people back to playing netball and in conjunction with England Netball have lots of Back to Netball sessions planned for the start of 2018. Sessions are typically 1.5 hours long, take place in the evenings and are £6 per session or £5 each if you book all…

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Netball Fun League Becky Oatley Severn Stars
Netball Fun League Becky Oatley – Masterclass
Netball Fun League Becky Oatley – Masterclass 1024 320 Netball FUN League

THIS EVENT HAS NOW SOLD OUT (IN LESS THAN 24HOURS). We are trying to see if we can firm up on extra date(s). CLICK HERE to contact us to let us know if you would like to be 1st in line if new date(s) become available. We are extremely delighted to announce that Welsh International…

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Netball Fun League Cheltenham
Netball Fun League at Pittville School
Netball Fun League at Pittville School 1024 576 Netball FUN League

Address: Albert Road, Cheltenham GL52 3JD. Location Map: https://goo.gl/maps/nbS4utDL8u52 VENUE NOTES Access to the car parking and courts is via the gate in image shown below. Please Note: This is an automated gate that opens as you approach it in your car. If you are on foot await a car to get access. OUTDOOR COURTS / WEATHER + CANCELLATIONS…

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NETfunFIT with Netball Fun League
NETBALL FUN LEAGUE – NETfunFIT 800 800 Netball FUN League

Fitness 4 Netball In March/April we hosted 2 sessions at Pates Grammar School experimenting with a new venture called NETfunFIT. NETfunFIT revolves around various routines utilising apparatus (and balls of course) all with the purpose of increasing ones fitness, developing movement and of course stamina. We have had great feedback from the 2 sessions and…

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Gloucestershire Netball Leagues

New Netball Leagues for You Netball Fun League is delighted to announce that we have 2 new netball leagues for you to be involved in. The High School in Stroud has Back to Netball sessions starting there in early May plus in June Netball Fun League is launching a league in Cirencester at Prior Park…

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Netball League Thornbury
Netball League Thornbury 1024 795 Netball FUN League

Netball Fun League is returning to Thornbury We are please to announce that after a break of a couple of years…. Netball Fun League will be returning to Thornbury. This time we will be staging matches at The Castle School see map below. League Details: – Tuesday Evening Weekly Matches 7:20pm 8:00pm 8:40pm – £5…

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Netball Fun League Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct 1024 768 Netball FUN League

It’s what we ALL sign up for When teams or individuals sign up to play in a Netball Fun League, they are accepting and MUST adhere to our CODE OF CONDUCT. This is to ensure that a game of Netball with us is played in a manner consistent with the ethos of fair play, integrity, sportsmanship…

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Join a Netball Fun League
Cup Finals
Cup Finals 1024 320 Netball FUN League

What’s it all about then? At the end of a Netball Fun League season (usually 22-24 weeks) we hold a “Cup Finals” night. This is the finale where we give out our League Winners T-Shirts + Medals, League Runners Up Medals and also the Player of the Season Awards (after each match the umpires decide…

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Netball Instagram
Instagram 1024 608 Netball FUN League

League Winners, Runners Up, Players of the Season Netball Fun League has a dedicated page on Instagram that features all our League Winners, League Runners Up and Players of the Season photos. We also post these on our Netball Fun League Facebook page. Please visit them both by clicking on the buttons below. FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM

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Netball Fun Leagues Gloucestershire
New Website
New Website 1024 491 Netball FUN League

All Change… We all know a good old spring clean is such a rewarding thing to do, the same can be said for websites! Netball Fun League’s website is undergoing a major refurb! Funkier in design…  mobile friendly (would you believe it over 90% of our traffic comes via smartphones and tablets) and more informative…

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    On clicking the button below you will be taken to our main Individual Registration page. Here, please fill in all the required information. Tell us your preferred netball positions, skill level and the day / venue you wish to play at. Your registration will then be processed (please allow a few days) and you will be contacted by someone at Netball Fun League with all the details.

    Being Part of a Team

    Once you join a team, the Team Organiser will add your email address and contact details to the teams’ online profile. Please refer to the “Registration Process Guide – Part 2” on previous page. If you join as a permanent member of a team you will then be bound by the normal stipulations of a Netball Fun League Team playing in one of our social netball leagues. For more information on this please visit the “Members / Support” links in the main website navigation.

    Be a Ringer

    From time to time teams may struggle for players, sickness, unavailability etc. To assist with this Netball Fun League has dedicated “Ringers Groups” where teams can post an appeal for a player/which position/how much/venue etc. If you are playing for a team you can request to join our “Ringers Group” check out the “Finding Players” link in “Members / Support” links in the main website navigation.


    1. Committing to the Whole Season

    Registering a team and joining a Netball Fun League involves committing to the whole season. If you are unable to complete the season for whatever reason, you are still liable for the match fees until a replacement team is found.

    2. Conceding Matches

    If a team cannot find enough players for a particular match and have to concede, then they will be charged the match fees of £26.95 and the game is conceded 15 – 0. If a conceding team gives less than 24 hours’ notice, they will charged the oppositions match fees in addition to their own match fees. A team may only concede one match in any one season at Netball Fun League, and will incur a £30 fine if they concede more than one in a season. Don’t worry, we have some great ways to find substitute players if need be.

    3. Cup Final Night

    At the end of every season the final fixture is a Netball Fun League Cup Final Night. As a registered team, you are committed to attending and taking part in this. The Cup Final Night is like a mini-tournament in which all teams in your division play against each other for ‘The Cup’. It is also the time when League Winners, Runners Up and Player of the Season awards are given out. Read all about Cup Final nights here

    A copy of the Netball Fun League Terms and Conditions can be found here