Return 2 Court Sessions Schedule  Released

Stage 2 
  • Rebuild your Netball Fitness post Covid-19
  • Hit the courts game conditioned and ready to play!
  • Restart, Rebuild and Refocus Social Netball
  • 5 Sessions – £35.00
Why do we recommend Return2Court?

Netball at whatever level we play at is a physical and demanding sport on our bodies. Super League and Performance Pathway Netballers complete up to 3 months pre-season to get match fit!!!

OK so not many of us are quite at Super League level yet 🙂 but it is really important that we dust down our lockdown cobwebs after being all too familiar with the sofa, and prepare our bodies for the eventual return to match play.


We are pleased to be able to offer our Return 2 Court sessions on outdoor courts in Cheltenham, Cirencester, Evesham, Forest of Dean, Gloucester, Stroud, Stonehouse and Winchcombe.

When will Return 2 Court sessions be bookable?

These sessions will be able to be booked from week commencing 5th April 2021. Everyone will be notified by email, website and Facebook. Download our Return 2 Court Session schedule by clicking the button below.

NOTE: You will need to have created your new Netball Fun League profile to be able to book any Return 2 Court Sessions. If you haven’t yet done so…

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Why do Return 2 Court Classes?

" Injury prevention, fitness and skill building are essential for a safe return to court. "

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