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It is really important that players in Netball Fun League matches are aware of our rules regarding Fingernail Length and Jewellery so as to make sure that matches can START ON TIME and most importantly BE SAFE & FUN FOR ALL! If you are a Team Organiser make sure ALL your team are aware and understand:


Players MUST REMOVE ALL JEWELLERY before the start of a match to avoid injury to you as a player and your opposition, this includes ear piercings / wristbands NOTE: If you are wearing a FitBit or other such fitness “wearable” this should be removed also or be covered up suitably with a sweatband. The ONLY EXCEPTION is a WEDDING BAND or MEDICAL BRACELETthese must be taped up


Nails MUST BE KEPT SHORT to prevent injury to you as a player and your opposition. As a guideline NAILS SHOULD NOT BE SEEN FROM THE UNDERSIDE OF THE FINGER (see the image below). Acrylic and Gel nails are permitted as long as they adhere to the previous point and are rounded and NOT SHARP in any way! YOU CANNOT TAPE UP FINGERNAILS!


Netball Fun League do allow the wearing of gloves as long as there are no embellishments i.e. buckles, studs, textures that may cause harm. If an Umpire feels that the gloves are not suitable they will ask that player to leave the court.


Netball Fun League do allow the wearing of Fitbits BUT they MUST be covered totally by a suitable sweat wristband.


NOTE: Every Kit Bag at your venue has a Nail Kit plus Ice Packs, Plasters and other Medical products in one of the side pockets


The image shows the correct fingernail length…. they DO NOT SHOW above the fingertips! Please make sure your nails are match ready on arrival.


    On clicking the button below you will be taken to our main Individual Registration page. Here, please fill in all the required information. Tell us your preferred netball positions, skill level and the day / venue you wish to play at. Your registration will then be processed (please allow a few days) and you will be contacted by someone at Netball Fun League with all the details.

    Being Part of a Team

    Once you join a team, the Team Organiser will add your email address and contact details to the teams’ online profile. Please refer to the “Registration Process Guide – Part 2” on previous page. If you join as a permanent member of a team you will then be bound by the normal stipulations of a Netball Fun League Team playing in one of our social netball leagues. For more information on this please visit the “Members / Support” links in the main website navigation.

    Be a Ringer

    From time to time teams may struggle for players, sickness, unavailability etc. To assist with this Netball Fun League has dedicated “Ringers Groups” where teams can post an appeal for a player/which position/how much/venue etc. If you are playing for a team you can request to join our “Ringers Group” check out the “Finding Players” link in “Members / Support” links in the main website navigation.


    1. Committing to the Whole Season

    Registering a team and joining a Netball Fun League involves committing to the whole season. If you are unable to complete the season for whatever reason, you are still liable for the match fees until a replacement team is found.

    2. Conceding Matches

    If a team cannot find enough players for a particular match and have to concede, then they will be charged the match fees of £26.95 and the game is conceded 15 – 0. If a conceding team gives less than 24 hours’ notice, they will charged the oppositions match fees in addition to their own match fees. A team may only concede one match in any one season at Netball Fun League, and will incur a £30 fine if they concede more than one in a season. Don’t worry, we have some great ways to find substitute players if need be.

    3. Cup Final Night

    At the end of every season the final fixture is a Netball Fun League Cup Final Night. As a registered team, you are committed to attending and taking part in this. The Cup Final Night is like a mini-tournament in which all teams in your division play against each other for ‘The Cup’. It is also the time when League Winners, Runners Up and Player of the Season awards are given out. Read all about Cup Final nights here

    A copy of the Netball Fun League Terms and Conditions can be found here