Email sent to all teams/team members Wednesday 13 July 2022

Hi Everyone
As you all know there is an Amber warning for heat next week, and whilst we will not be playing in the heat of the day and temperatures will have dropped, we are mindful that it is likely to still be quite warm!

To mitigate this, we will be instructing all umpires to play 4 quarters of 8 minutes with 1 minute breaks, to give you an opportunity to hydrate more regularly.

In addition to this, we would also like to remind players of some ways to deal with the heat:

–       Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after your match

–       Wear sunscreen if your match is outside – maybe bring an umbrella too

–       Bring along an icepack

–       A water spray or a wet towel is also handy

Listen to your body, play safe and slow down if you need to. Modify your game according to the conditions and let’s get through this couple of days together – sensibly and safely.

We will continue to monitor the weather, and if anything changes then we will of course get in touch. But in the meantime please can we ask that you don’t post in the team organisers groups or messenger asking if anything has changed. Matches will be going ahead unless you hear from us 🙂 Regards

Bridget & Nick