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Please watch the video. Timestamps to chapters included.

0:00 | Team Organiser registers a team for a Netball Fun League
2:29 | Team Organiser Invites New Players to Join a Team
2:46 | New Players Search for a Team and Ask to Join
4:03 | Team Organiser Accepts/Rejects New Player Requests
4:38 | Accepted New Player Gets Email from Team Organiser
4:51 | Team Organiser Login to View New Player(s)
5:29 | New Player Login to View Profile + Team

Player ratings have been implemented to enable players to know where they can ring and for Team Organisers to see the make-up of their team to ensure it meets the criteria for the league they are playing in. Netball Fun League reserve the right to have the final say on where a team can register for. This is to ensure our leagues remain as fair and competitive as possible.

” Our aim to to ensure as best as possible that our social netball leagues remain as fair and competitive as possible “

Teams must NOT have more than 2 players rated HIGHER than the Division they are playing in

If a team has a player or would like to add a player who is rated 2 divisions higher than the division that the team play in, then they would need to seek approval from Netball Fun League via our Contact Us page click here

Correct Player Rating Balance

Team called Fast Flyers wants to play in a Division 3 League and is made up of two players Rated 2 and five players rated 3 or below

Incorrect Player Rating Balance

Team called Hoopstastix wants to play in a Division 3 League and is made up of three players Rated 2 and four players Rated 3 or below

Players can ONLY RING in a Division equal to or above their personal Player Rating – NEVER LOWER

• Sharon has a Player Rating of 2 – she can ring in Division 2 or higher (not lower)
• Joanne has a Player Rating of 4 – she can ring in Division 4 or higher (not lower)

Please Note:  If one of your teams higher rated players is unable to play for your team one week, you CANNOT use another higher rated player as a ringer – this would be breaking the ringers rule.

Lucy is registered to a division 3 team and has a rating of 2. Lucy is unable to play this week. You must replace Lucy with a player who is rated 3 or below. You are NOT permitted to replace Lucy with another player rated 2 or higher.



What Happens When a New Player Wants to Joins my Team?

If the player is already in the Netball Fun League system (i.e. created their personal profile) then their Player Rating will already be in place (if they were rated prior to March 2020) and will automatically transfer. The Team Organiser would need to make sure that this new player would fit with the TEAM MAKE UP CRITERIA for their division.


If the player is NEW to Netball Fun League (they must first create their personal profile by clicking here) then, once completed The Team Organiser will need to contact Netball Fun League via the Contact Us page (click here) to arrange a trial match to ascertain their rating and suitability for your team/division.


How are the Player Ratings Worked Out?
A players’ ability is judged upon different characteristics that span across all positions (Delivery of passes, spacial awareness, ability to work with others) as well as positional specific attributes such as shooting accuracy, defence of a shot. This takes into account any team member that plays a number of positions.


Can My Player Rating Change?
Yes of course it can. Over time players inevitably improve and we will constantly try to keep on top of ratings and adjust in accordance with progress. Likewise, should a player for any reason no longer be of a higher standard, we can adjust.


Who Can See My Player Rating?
Your individual player rating is visible to you when you log in to your Netball Fun League profile. In addition to this your Team Organiser can view your rating. The ratings are not meant to be a closely guarded secret. They are there to help you source the correct ringers for your team in matches where needed. No excuses.


Consequences of Infringements
As per our Terms & Conditions
 2.7  If a team fields an illegal ringer then they will be deducted 5 points from their league table, and the team they were playing against for that fixture will be awarded 5 points

Our Code of Conduct exists to ensure that all games of netball at Netball Fun League are played in a manner consistent with the ethos of fair play, integrity, sportsmanship and honesty. All players registered in a Netball Fun League team require need to fully understand and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. Should anyone consistently be in breach of any part of it, Netball Fun League reserves the right to discipline that player via a warning, sanction or expulsion.

As a Player I will:
1. Understand and play within the rules of the game
2. Treat all netball players and umpires with respect and dignity regardless of abilities, gender or race
3. Control my temper and understand that verbal, emotional and physical abuse of any netball player, umpire or spectator is not acceptable or permitted behaviour
4. Display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat; be sporting – whether I win or lose; always acknowledge the other team and the umpires at the end of the game with a handshake (when no covid-19 restictions) or three cheers
5. Recognise the achievements of others and applaud their successes
6. Recognise and respect that individuals bring different qualities and attributes but “together we will excel and enjoy our netball”
7. Respect the umpire’s decision as final
8. Promote this code of conduct to my team mates

As a Player I will not:
1. Use any offensive or inappropriate language (or gesture) aimed at either myself, my team mates, umpires or spectators
2. Argue with a fellow netball player or umpire during (or after) a match and listen to and cooperate with umpires’ decisions (If you require clarification of a rule then you could talk to an umpire during a break)
3. Consume alcoholic drinks, smoke/vape or ingest illegal substances before or during a netball match
4. Make comments deemed inappropriate about a fellow netballer, umpire, spectator; including comments on any social media platform

Spectator Code:
1. Respect the abilities of all netball players and teams. All comments should be positive and supportive but not expressed in a way that could be perceived to be detrimental to any individual or teams’ performance
2. Respect any umpire’s decision as final. Spectators will not engage in any conversation with a netball umpire over decisions made

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