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Looking for a netball fun league in Gloucestershire or Worcestershire? Netball Fun League have been running fun, social netball leagues in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire since 2009. Netball Fun League believes in netball for everyone! We have a full range of divisions, from fun and recreational… to ones that are a little more competitive. Netball Fun League matches are played mostly indoors and leagues run all year round (apart from breaks during Christmas and Bank Holidays).

Fancy Joining in the Fun?

Well if you’ve got a team already or you are an individual or a couple of individuals, then browse through the Netball Fun League venues below. Each venue tells you what night(s) a league is on plus what level of netball is played there. From there you can click to go to the Join/Registration page.


In conjunction with England Netball Netball Fun League regularly run Back to Netball sessions for those wanting to get back playing the sport. These sessions are friendly, fun and open to everyone, regardless of fitness and skill levels. Back to Netball sessions are a great way to keep fit and even make new friends too! Interested? Find out more and when the next Netball Fun League Back to Netball sessions are by clicking here


Netball Fun League is all about having fun playing social netball… whatever your ability. Joining Netball Fun League is great value to compared to the average gym memberships. It’s a great way to keep fit and make new friends too along the way. It’s all very flexible, and focuses on ensuring your Netball Fun League experience is a positive one. Interested? Here’s some more information….


Watch videos from some of our long standing Netball Fun League players. Find out how they came to play social netball, how long they have been playing. Find out about all the long friendships they have made over the years. Also of course… how much fun they have!



Only £5.30 per player per match* (this includes your umpire fee)


3 thirds of 12 mins. 1 match per week. Season usually 22-24 weeks


We supply the balls, your bibs, first aid kit, nail files. Bring your own water!


League Winners get printed t-shirts + medals. Runners up get medals

*there is a team registration fee of £24.50 at the start of every season


Netball Fun League has social netball leagues running across Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. So many that we can have netball leagues to suit ALL abilities. Browse through the venues, from there you will be able to find out what level is played, what evening netball take place plus Register and Join a league as a Team or as an Individual.

Netball Fun League Maidenhill


Netball Fun League Cirencester



One of the key aims of the Netball Fun League is to provide an opportunity for those who haven’t played netball for a while to venture back onto the netball court! It’s amazing how quickly you’ll learn to play the game again and pick up the skills that you need and there will be lots of other players in the same position as you! We have divisions that cater for ALL standards. If you are not ready to be in a team yet, no problem… how about joining one of our Back to Netball sessions? These are a gentle introduction to the sport, are fun and friendly and a great way to keep fit and make new friends! You can check out our when our next Back to Netball sessions are by clicking here

There are no kit requirements in order to play in Netball Fun League – all you need is a good pair of trainers, some comfortable clothes to play in and off you go! Mind you we do have rules on fingernails and jewellery, click here to find out more.

No problem we have a page dedicated to the rules. You can access this by clicking here

You have to decide which venue and division/level suits your team, click on one of the venues on this page and then register from there.

Yes of course. Click here scroll to bottom of the page to Register as an Individual, fill out the form (that tells us about your experience/level etc) and we’ll do our best to get you into a team at your chosen venue asap.

You can help a team out if they are short of players, BUT it must be in a league that is appropriate for your standard. If you have played in a county league, then the lowest Netball Fun League division that you are permitted to play in is division 3.  If you are not sure, then please contact us NOW by clicking the Contact Button below.

You can be registered to more than one team, as long as they are not in the same league and venue.

If you are an experienced player or play/played in a county league please refer to our “Where You Can Play/Ring” diagram on our website by clicking here

If you have not played since school, then Netball Fun League division 5 would be the best place to start or maybe join our Back to Netball Sessions. Find out more by clicking here

Still not sure then please contact Netball Fun League by clicking the button below.

This really is player/person specific so we would recommend contacting us by using the button below to get clarification.

If you were registered with the team before the rule changes then you can remain in the lower division, however you will not be able to play as a ringer in that or other lower Netball Fun League divisions. Furthermore, Netball Fun League reserve the right to review this should your ability become a deciding factor in games.




    On July 9th the government announced the re-opening of leisure centres and the phased return of recreational team sports.

    What does this mean for Netball Fun League?
    This is really great news, and we now anticipate the return of netball earlier than we once thought. However, before we can do this, England Netball must submit an action plan to Public Health England and Government for approval, and this must demonstrate how we can all safely return to some form of the game.

    How long will this take?
    England Netball have committed to submitting their action plan to Public Health England and Government within the next two weeks. The plan will clearly state how they plan to accelerate the progression through their stages outlined in their Roadmap with appropriate risk mitigations in place at every level of the sport. This will also apply to Netball Fun League.

    What should we do while we are waiting for the Green Light?
    We all need to get fit again, so that when we can return to the court, injuries are avoided! So why not join a NetFunFit session near you NOW visit this link to find out more: https://www.netballfunleague.co.uk/net-fun-fit


    The Netball Fun League Team


    On clicking the button below you will be taken to our main Individual Registration page. Here, please fill in all the required information. Tell us your preferred netball positions, skill level and the day / venue you wish to play at. Your registration will then be processed (please allow a few days) and you will be contacted by someone at Netball Fun League with all the details.

    Being Part of a Team

    Once you join a team, the Team Organiser will add your email address and contact details to the teams’ online profile. Please refer to the “Registration Process Guide – Part 2” on previous page. If you join as a permanent member of a team you will then be bound by the normal stipulations of a Netball Fun League Team playing in one of our social netball leagues. For more information on this please visit the “Members / Support” links in the main website navigation.

    Be a Ringer

    From time to time teams may struggle for players, sickness, unavailability etc. To assist with this Netball Fun League has dedicated “Ringers Groups” where teams can post an appeal for a player/which position/how much/venue etc. If you are playing for a team you can request to join our “Ringers Group” check out the “Finding Players” link in “Members / Support” links in the main website navigation.


    1. Committing to the Whole Season

    Registering a team and joining a Netball Fun League involves committing to the whole season. If you are unable to complete the season for whatever reason, you are still liable for the match fees until a replacement team is found.

    2. Conceding Matches

    If a team cannot find enough players for a particular match and have to concede, then they will be charged the match fees of £26.95 and the game is conceded 15 – 0. If a conceding team gives less than 24 hours’ notice, they will charged the oppositions match fees in addition to their own match fees. A team may only concede one match in any one season at Netball Fun League, and will incur a £30 fine if they concede more than one in a season. Don’t worry, we have some great ways to find substitute players if need be.

    3. Cup Final Night

    At the end of every season the final fixture is a Netball Fun League Cup Final Night. As a registered team, you are committed to attending and taking part in this. The Cup Final Night is like a mini-tournament in which all teams in your division play against each other for ‘The Cup’. It is also the time when League Winners, Runners Up and Player of the Season awards are given out. Read all about Cup Final nights here

    A copy of the Netball Fun League Terms and Conditions can be found here